Marcus & Martinus ARE BACK!

Το νέο τραγούδι του ποπ φαινομένου από την Σκανδιναβία, Marcus & Martinus,

που προκαλεί φρενίτιδα και στην Ελλάδα!



  1. Bruno Martini


Οι Marcus & Martinus επιστρέφουν με νέο τραγούδι σε συνεργασία με τον πολύ-πλατινένιο παραγωγό Bruno Martini.

«We are so happy with how this song turned out! This song is a result of how the last couple of months have been for us –  having so much fun in the studio, trying new things and collaborating with many talented people. When Rat City played us the demo of this song that they had started writing with Dagny we knew we had to jump on it. The song always leaned towards a clubvibe and getting a superstar like Bruno to add his magic was the perfect needed touch. It’s a very different sound compared to what we have done before – but we hope our fans can appreciate that we are evolving as artists and join the ride» – Marcus & Martinus

Βρείτε και ακούστε το “Feel” ψηφιακά:


Κυκλοφορεί από την Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company


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