Remi Wolf – “Liquor Store”

Το φρέσκο pop sensation Remi Wolf, κυκλοφορεί το νέο της τραγούδι “Liquor Store” μαζί με το music video του.


To ‘εκκεντρικό’ τραγούδι “Liquor Store” μιλά για μια προσωπική μάχη της τραγουδίστριας και την προσπάθεια της να αποτοξινωθεί από άσχημες συνήθειες που την είχαν καταβάλλει.


Το “Liquor Store” έκανε την πρεμιέρα του on air μέσω του BBC Radio 1.


Βρείτε και ακούστε το “Liquor Store”, εδώ:



“…so fun and soulful, with an irresistible dash of funk grooves to make you move.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES


“All hail Remi Wolf’s exuberant, neon-colored disco soul.” – THE LOS ANGELES TIMES


“L.A.-based rising artist Remi Wolf has a playfulness that won’t quit, while her disco sensibility makes you want to play the music on an endless loop.” – TIME


“The deftness with which Wolf wields her voice, and guides what could be a too-chaotic sound into precise pop magic, is remarkable. – PITCHFORK


“Whether she’s inside a tanning booth or dancing in a disco motorcycle helmet… or rolling in a human-sized hamster ball, we’d like to be wherever Wolf is.” – PAPER


“Remi Wolf’s acid pop-funk sizzles like a pavement hot enough to fry an egg on, powered by a dialled-up intensity that teeters between bug-eyed mania and uninhibited euphoria.” – THE GUARDIAN

Κυκλοφορεί από την Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company

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